Our Beef Liver Morsels are made from 100% Australian Beef Liver, nothing but pure beef liver.

There are no other beef liver treats that will surpass our quality, smell, taste or nutrition.

A fantastic all-rounder delicious treat. This treat that will enrich and reward any cat or dog, they are indeed that good.

When treating your pet with our Beef Liver Morsels you don’t have to feel guilty, our Beef Liver Morsels have a whole 8.8% fat level. They are a naturally delicious and a healthy treat.

We do take the care to trim off the fat before we Nutrieseal™ process them.

Healthy and high-quality treat are what every pets deserves. Our Loyalty Pet Treats Beef Liver Morsels will outmatch any air dried, freeze dried, oven baked processed liver.

Inferior stinky oven baked beef liver treats step aside Loyalty Pet Treats Beef Liver Morsels are the bomb, there will be happy smiles all around. These are a treat that must be fed in moderation.

They are easy to break and clean to handle, no stinky hands.

Keep them in your pocket or training pouch, there is no need to refrigerate. Our Beef Liver Morsels are shelf stable. Leave them in the packet as they are in a resealable bag or store them in a glass jar, that’s up to you.

Beef Liver Morsels

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