So, you are feeling hungry? Our Chicken Nibbles are 100% Australian Chicken Breast.

There are no other chicken treats that will surpass our quality, smell, taste or nutrition.

A fantastic all-rounder treat it is the treat that will entice and delight any cat or dog and if you’re feeling peckish well don’t be afraid to indulge, but they may not want to share with you as they are that dam good.

When treating your pet with our Chicken Nibbles you don’t have to feel guilty; our Chicken Nibbles are not fattening, they are a genuine guilt-free treat only 2.1% fat.

If your pet has pancreatitis there are absolutely no issues with our chicken; it is pancreatitis friendly, the fat level is low.

Every pet deserves a treat, and our Chicken Nibbles will outmatch any air-dried, freeze-dried, oven-baked processed chicken.

Roast chicken, move aside our chicken Nibbles are not greasy.

They are easy to break and clean to handle.

Keep them in your pocket or training pouch; there is no need to refrigerate. Our Chicken breast Nibbles are shelf-stable. Leave them in the packet as they are in a resealable bag or store them in a glass jar, that’s up to you.

Chicken Nibbles

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