Probiotics + Anti-Anxiety

Soothe your pet’s anxiety with iPRO-CALM, a tailored probiotic blend. Designed to support you dog or cat’s nervous system, it harnesses natural elements like hemp, chamomile, and valerian, alongside specialised probiotics and prebiotics. These components work together to create inner peace, enhancing overall well-being.

Our Australian-made, scientific formula adheres to the highest standards, reflecting our commitment to your pet’s wellness.

Prioritise your pet’s calmness – Trust iPRO-CALM for your cherished companion.

100 g = 25 serves for 10-25kg dog / 50 serves for pet under 10kg

8 Billion CFU/serve

Probiotic ingredients:

Lactobacillus rhamnosus PAB™-IPR12 4.00 Billion CFU/serve, Lactobacillus helveticus PAB™-IPR75 2.00 Billion CFU/serve, Bifidobacterium longum PAB™-IPR25 2.00 Billion CFU/serve

Functional ingredients:

Glycine, Inulin, Sweet Potato Powder, Organic Hemp Powder, Chamomile Extract, Valeriana Officinalis Extract.

iPRO-Calm - Probiotics

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