Boredom busters made easy!

Boredom busters made easy!

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Got a fur princess who doesn’t like getting their paws wet on the grass? 

We don’t want our fur-friends getting bored now do we?

We’ve put together our top 4 ways to help make sure your mate is still having a fur-tastic time! 

Ever heard of Lick Mats? No.. we don’t expect them to go wild over licking the door mat. We stock Lick Mats that are designed to have peanut butter, mince or their favourite DIY treat spread onto them, it keeps our pets entertained for hours! 

Now this next one is a two-for-one deal. Raw bones! Or as we like to call it, a dental spa day. Give them a raw bone to go to town on - keeping them occupied and giving their fangs a good clean! What more could a doggo ask for? 

Do you have a clever pet? No but really, not just the old sit and shake routine. Really put them to the test by getting them an interactive puzzle toy. Fill it with their favourite treats & they will be kitten. Sorry, we mean smitten*... 

Now, if you are home with your best mate, now is the perfect time to teach them a new trick. We’re not talking houdini style, but having your pets wanting to be inside gives you the chance to focus their attention on learning. 

We hope this has helped to give you some ideas on keeping your fur-pals busy during the cooler months!