Pet Mince Direct provides the best meal for your best mate.

So, Why Pet Mince Direct?

Pet Mince Direct is a Small, 100% Natural, 100% Australian, Family owned business with a passion for providing the absolute best for your furry friends.

We know that dogs are a man’s best mate – so why not treat them with the best food.

Based in Queensland, Australia- Pet Mince Direct is an accredited business dealing in Human Grade food and a strong stance on ensuring that NO preservatives are in our foods.

We source our vegetables fresh from local Queensland farms to support both local businesses and to ensure the very best in product and quality.

At Pet Mince Direct our Mission is to nourish your beloved pets with fresh, Natural – Pet Food; through affordable, balanced and healthful diets. Giving you the tools to curate your best meal for your best mate.

Pet Mince Direct continues to evolve with an emphasis on quality and healthy food; Working with Nutritionists and industry leading professionals to bring the very best to your dogs bowls.

Pet Mince direct has 5 store fronts- where you and your dog can trial our fresh mince range- or simply just come in for scratches.

At Pet Mince Direct We specialise in raw dog food and ensure we bring a huge variety at affordable prices to ensure the very best for your furry mate.