We Care

Pet Mince Direct is a locally owned and operated business. Putting an emphasis on fresh, quality, nutritional meals for your dogs and cats.
We aim to go above and beyond with our products- ensuring that our products are 100% preservative free, Created using human grade ingredients and treated in the same way you expect your food to be treated.

Dog & Cat Lovers

We are animal lovers just like you- who want to give the best meal to our best mate. We spend hours crafting and refining, tasty, species specific, nutritious meals for your furry family members. We understand that our pets are simply family- so our in house nutritionists have created a balanced, wholesome meal to ensure they get all the nutrients they need. At Pet Mince Direct, we believe in feeding our cats and dogs the diet they were born to eat.


We are at the forefront of product development, bringing new ideas, flavours and nutrition to your best mates bowl is what we aim to do. 


We focus on quality, creating small batch runs- ensures we can maximise our quality and that your dog is getting a nutritious, healthy meal


We have certified nutritionists who specialise in RAW feeding, our nutritionists are always looking at ways to improve, expand and create exceptional meals- whilst maintaining affordable, every day pricing.

Customers over Dollars

At Pet Mince Direct, We aim to provide a pleasant, easy raw feeding experience. We are consistently looking at ways to reduce costs, improve quality and expand our range. We put our customers first when it comes to innovation, product development and price. We aren’t about making huge profits- but we are interested in making a difference in the lives of your best mate.