Gotta doggo who's Fawn'd of chewing? Chuck em a Whole Antler! This badass, boredom-busting treat is packed full of calcium and phosphorus, offering dogs the ultimate in long-lasting treats. WAG Whole Antlers are ethically sourced from New Zealand and are a naturally occurring product that is annually shed by wild and farmed deer.

WAG Antlers are suitable for adult doggo's with a strong bite, who love to chew and stay occupied.

What are the benefits of antlers?


When we say Antlers can last from months to years we’re not kidding. Depending on how your dog chews, you can consider the Antler a household staple – they’ll see you through Christmases and Birthdays (and probably last longer than our last housemate did). This means virtually endless hours of mental and physical stimulation that keeps their brain – and their teeth – far too occupied to feast on your drywall.


As a novel protein not commonly found in traditional pet foods and treats, Antlers are seriously low-allergenic for the more sensitive types. Venison meat is a commonly recommended protein for dog’s undergoing an elimination diet, triggering less inflammation and reducing the probability of eliciting an allergic reaction.


Antlers are one of the very few natural treats that are virtually free of odour, staining and residue. A nice change from most treats that aren’t always kind to human senses! So, no need to hide these away in a separate, smell-proof room. With Antlers, you can welcome your doggo with the chew onto your pristine velvet couch without needing an emergency steam-cleaning straight after.



Antler sizes are classified through weight, not length and width.

Small: 45g – 75g

Medium: 90 – 130g

Large: 140g – 190g


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