This Liver Support supplement for dogs is designed to relieve symptoms, slow the deterioration of liver disease and enhance blood detoxification. 

Use this grain-free dog liver supplement daily for optimal liver function.


SUPPORT: This powerful formula aims to help the liver's natural detoxifying process and activity as well as support liver healing.

REGENERATION: Help liver tissue to recuperate faster after being exposed to damaging chemicals.  This low protein supplement is designed to stimulate the growth of new liver cells and decrease liver tumour cell division.

BILE PRODUCTION: Liver Support includes Beetroot powder to help increase healthy bile production. This ingredient helps to slow down physical deteriorations and the degenerative process in the liver.

PROTECTION: This formula aims to protect the liver cells from damage from medication and environmental toxins. It is designed to help the liver defend itself against poisons and normalise blood sugar and pressure.

NOTE: Can be used if dog is not experiencing symptoms of liver disease for prevention purposes.


The liver can be harmed by exposure to medications, toxins (foods like xylitol and chocolate), infections and even stress. Ageing, genetics and diet can also play a part in the deterioration of the liver.

The cause of a compromised dog liver can often be difficult to determine. Supporting their liver regardless is essential to ensure that it is working properly.


How does Petz Park Liver Support compare to Hepatoadvanced or Denamarin? 

Hepatoadvanced / Denamarin consists of two main ingredients - SAMe (S-Adenosyl-L-Methionine) and Silybin.

Via different pathways, both SAMe (Hepatoadvanced / Denamarin) and Schisandra Chinensis Extract (Petz Park) are associated with reducing oxidative stress in the liver.

Silybin (Hepatoadvanced / Denamarin) is an active part of an extract from Silymarin (Milk Thistle). Each scoop of Petz Park Liver Support contains 190mg of Silymarin (Milk Thistle Extract) which equates to 57mg of Silybin per single scoop.


How long will a pouch last?

Dog's Weight 45 Scoops - 90g 90 Scoops - 180g 180 Scoops 
0-11kgs 13 weeks  26 weeks 52 weeks
11-27kgs 6 weeks 13 weeks 26 weeks
27-36kgs 3 weeks 6 weeks 12 weeks
Over 36kgs 2 weeks 4 weeks  8 weeks


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