This tasty, powdered supplement is made to support a healthy urinary tract and kidney function in your dog. 

Does your dog have a history of chronic or recurring UTIs or incontinence? Do they love to eat everything they can get their hands on, even if it could be toxic to them? 

Designed for dogs experiencing:






Renal failure in dogs and chronic kidney disease fatally affects around 60% of dogs if caught too late. This dog supplement is designed to optimise kidney function and regulation as your dog ages.

Urinary tract infections are extremely common and can be painful for your dog. Urinary + Kidney is designed to normalise PH levels in your dog for proper urinary function and overall urinary tract health.

Senior dog suddenly experiencing incontinence? Try adding Brain Support to their meal instead.

FEATURES CRANBERRY: This ingredient is known for stopping infections such as E Coli from entering the urinary tract and causing a UTI. Using cranberry makes it harder for bacteria to stick to the wall of a dog’s bladder. This means that bacteria are flushed out of a dog’s system much quicker.

NORMAL URINE FLOW: Help support normal flow of urine through the bladder and minimise obstructions to their flow with this dog supplement.

SENIOR DOG: Incontinence is often a sign of ageing and chronic kidney disease signs can often be missed due to their nature. Use this beef-flavoured supplement to give your senior dog the urinary relief they need and keep their kidney function optimal.

SLOW THE SPREAD: Nettle Seed is known to reduce the swelling of the urinary tract. This ingredient is an antimicrobial, which helps to slow the spread of bacteria and viruses through the urinary tract.

BALANCE PH LEVELS: The salt used in this urinary tract supplement help to keep the urine alkaline. Infections such as E Coli often create a more acidic environment in the urinary tract.


How long will a pouch last?

Dog's Weight 45 Scoops - 90g 90 Scoops - 180g 180 Scoops 
0-11kgs 13 weeks  26 weeks 52 weeks
11-27kgs 6 weeks 13 weeks 26 weeks
27-36kgs 3 weeks 6 weeks 12 weeks
Over 36kgs 2 weeks 4 weeks  8 weeks

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